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Air Cleaner Window Cutout Mod

One word: Don't

At least not the "traditional" style aircleaner window cut out that is being advertised in "TPIS Insider Secrets" (shown above) books and is pretty commonplace on Message Board Posts. This mod is for a different design than our 86 T/A 5.0 TPI's air cleaner assembly uses.

Upon closer inspection you will find that air enters from the square box on top of our air cleaners and goes to the
inside of the air filter, then to the outside into the housing. Cutting windows in the housing will leave your car without an air filter.

As for now I have heard of "swiss cheesing" the top and of doing away with the cleaner housing totally and using a K&N Cone Filter mounted directly to the MAF giving good results.

I will be experimenting and searching for the equivalent mod suited for our style air cleaners and will keep you posted of results.

Update: I have posted this Air Cleaner Modification by Vader (3rdGen ID)

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