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Buffing Misc. Parts

Underhood Components

When you are learning the art of buffing (it is an art that requires hard work, patience, and the desire to get filthy). There are many items under the hood that can be buffed almost free of charge (after you have your supplies) to give your car that finished detailed look that sets it apart from others.

When you change your fuel injectors or port your plenum it would provide an opportune time to polish the fuel rails, runners, plenum, even the egr....but prior to that there are many items that can be polished for example fuel lines, the A/C canister, etc.

I spent $40.00 on a polished waterneck only to find out it didn't fit. So I returned it and buffed my stock one. This was my first attempt at aluminum buffing and is an excellent first place to start.

The throttle body has many areas that can be polished. The oval rim that is covered by the rubber accordion duct is a good practice place. Don't forget to refinish the top plate for that finishing touch.

I used the underneath parts to practice on. You won't even see them but I have a hard time taking shortcuts. I used this opportunity to clean internal components and replace all gaskets with GM P/N 17113115 gasket kit.

With the exception of the plenum, the runners are the most impressive intake part to be polished. Few people go through the time or trouble it takes to highlight these pieces.

After doing some detail painting on the underneath of my hood, then installing a new hood liner I was about to paint the hood spring silver....but then I thought I would try buffing it......took 15 seconds to remove and 2 minutes to buff and it looks almost chrome.

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