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Overheating ~ Rubber Sealing Strips
A/C Condensor Sealing
Contributed by Mike Metzler

A possible contributor to overheating on these third gen cars was brought to my attention by Mike Metzler (Desert86Roc). Upon viewing the area where his A/C condensor trys to meet the radiator support he noticed it appeared some type of seals were missing indicated by the remaining adhesive and gaps. Normally, there are square, rubber strips with an adhesive on one side that fill these gaps. After a few years, they shrink, the adhesive fails, and the strips blow out through the engine compartment, with the owner never knowing they were there.. In the diagram show below they are indicated by ID #10. Good time to note that this repair was done on an 86 Camaro, however other cars have possibly a similar setup.

Mike used some cut-to-length foam rubber pipe insulation from Lowes or any hardware store costing about $2.50. He loosened the top radiator support. placed insulation to fill the gaps, and bolted it all back down.



The ending result of this repair is that more air is forced "into" the radiator instead of air being leaked around it. The second benefit is that the A/C runs cooler on the 115° + days that places like Phoenix encounter.

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