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How to Post a Picture to Message Boards

I have put these instructions in a downloadable text file for two reasons.

1. You can cut/copy/paste/edit these templates for your own use.
2. If I post the examples actually on the board the "hotlinks" will become active and you can't see how they are made.

This is assuming you have available web space and know how to upload files.
1. First take your picture and "trim it" cutting out all the "fat" that you don't need, just the main subject using a photo editing program.

2. Then resize it to a respectable size. There is no need (except for schematics) to have a picture that exceeds 600 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall. This is equal to a 4 x 6 index card. Anything bigger creates a much larger file, and causes the browser to have to scroll, and it takes forever to download.

3. Once your image is optimized you must post it (upload) to a website.


Tip: Keep the name of the pic simple, if you use names like "thisistherightsideofmyengine.jpg", it will come back to haunt you.

4. Once your picture is uploaded to your web space, you have literally given it an address.

5. In the message board you write whatever you want (Example)

Here is a picture of my car...blah...blah...blah

6. Use the <> brackets on each end of the HTML instruction.

7. This also works for hot links. (Example)

I got all the parts at
Summit Racing.

(whereas Summit Racing would be an underlined hot link, upon clicking the hot link you would be taken to the Summit Racing Website)

This would be written in HTML as follows:

<A HREF="">Summit Racing</A>
So for a simple post to say "Here is a pic of my car, I got my parts from Summit Racing"...would be:

Here is a picture of my car...
....I got my parts at <A HREF="">Summit Racing</A>

You may Download These Instructions in text format directly to your computer. It will arrive in zipped format in a folder named Use PK-Zip or Win-Zip to unzip it. Double click the folder, then the text file to view.

The examples used will work on most message board systems that allow HTML. Some boards now use BB Code and don't allow HTML. The instructions on these boards are pretty clear and most use a wizard type system to help you figure it out but the URL and editing steps are the same.

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