Tech Tips
Sensor Locations
82 - 92 F-Body

Submitted by Lennart Wiklund - The Trans Am Club of Sweden.


This section goes hand in hand with Common Trouble Codes.





(CTS) Engine Coolant Temp Sensor. - Front of engine, below Throttle Body.
Engine Oil Temperature Sensor. - Left rear of engine, just above the oil filter.
Oil Pressure Sender/Switch. - Top, left hand rear of engine.
Fuel Quantity Sender. - Top of fuel tank, beneath filler pipe escutcheon panel.
(MAT) Manifold Absolute Temperature Sensor. - Underside of manifold air plenum at rear.
Outside Temperature Sensor. - Right side of engine, top right corner of radiator.
In Car Temp Temperature Sensor. - Coupe: above left seat near interior courtesy light, Convertible: center of cargo compartment lid.
(MAF) Mass Air Flow Sensor. - Front of engine ahead of throttle body.
(O2) Oxygen Sensor. - Left side of engine, in exhaust pipe.
(TPS) Throttle Position Sensor. - Right side of throttle body at the front.


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