Tech Tips
High Output Cap/Coil/Rotor

For the 85/86 TPI coil-in-cap models Hyper Tech makes a really sweet kit. I had considered the MSD setup which is nice, but at the recommendation of 3rd-Genner Jim86IROC I opted for the Hyper Tech Part # HYP-4052, $71.95 from Summit Racing.

The stock coil puts out
37K volts, while the MSD Blaster Coil shoots out 45K volts, and the Hyper Tech zaps out 53K. Installation was a breeze, mainly cuz' 3rd-Genner Desert86ROC came to my house and did it for me.....thanks Mike. Installation was 15 minutes.

Three Tips:
1. Mark the plug wire locations, regardless of your knowledge or experience.
2. Soak the 4 small distributor mounting screws with penetrating oil the night before the mod.
3. The Hyper Tech comes with plastic rotor mounting screws. This may be intentional because of potential arc problems, or it may be a cost saving factor, but I reused the OEM metal screws. I feel better and have had no problems. I saved the plastic ones just in case.

When this mod is complete review the
Spark Plug Modification for an effective compliment.

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