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Spark Plug Mod

All models with After Market High Output Coil

This mod came to me from Jim86IROC (3rdGenID). After his suggestion of installing a HyperTech Cap/Coil/Rotor High Power Coil Kit, he suggested I grind the electrode tip back for increased spark face exposure. The 53K output of the new coil would cause plenty of spark power to jump the suggested new .50" gap.

From Jim I will quote "To cut back the spark plug ground electrode used a fine to medium flat file. Filed the ground electrode back to nearly the back edge of the center electrode. After filing I used a Dremmel with a fine disk to smooth out the end of the ground electrode. Don't want any sharp edges so round off the four edges and the four corners a little. Then gapped em to .050".

I do not remember who took this photo but it is an excellent example.

This is a win/win/win/win modification IF you have a high output coil.
1. It's free.
2. More power.
3. Better gas mileage.
4. Less emissions.

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