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  I have been patiently waiting for a good third gen car to come into our shop to detail the steps of "painting your own car". That way I wouldn't have to subject you to seeing the steps performed on someones 73 Volvo. Well it came in and my friend took me by suprise on the start date. So I am beginning this about a day late and some of the steps have been performed. The customer wants the stripes removed, wheels repainted, and a complete paint job.

  You have to "pretend" here as we already have removed the stripes. We use a razor in a long holder and a tool similar to a hair dryer. Using the single edge razor mounted in a tool keeps the angle consistent so you don't gouge the paint. Also we scrape the blade side that will touch the metal on the concrete or sandpaper a couple of times to remove any burrs. Go very slowly and you can also slip some dish detergent to help the removal process.

  This is typical of the spoilers of our cars after a few years of abuse. Here we have some deep scratches to deal with.



  These chips and scratches are feathered out with a D/A sander using 80 grit paper.

  Here we discover some cracks in the plastic bumper. A v-groove in cut around the crack so it will hold up to the repair process.

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