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Powdercoating for Profit
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Over the years nothing more interesting, innovative and affordable to the hobbyist as powdercoating has entered the commercial market. The days of the "rattle can" are over. Powdercoating is virtually "goof proof" and the durability is at least 10 times what a conventional paint would offer. It is also impervious to most chemicals and resist scratching.

I opted for the
Eastwood Companies hobby model deluxe kit selling for $184.00.


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  I mounted my charge box on a stand to make coating a little handier.

  The first thing you will want to do is acquire a nice collection of powder colors. Watch out..... ordering new colors is addictive.

  You will need a regulator to reduce pressure to about 8 PSI. In the deluxe kit you will receive silicone plugs, high heat fiberglass tape and some special wire to hold your part.



  After sandblasting the part to prep it is placed on the oven rack. The powder statically adheres to your part. You will want to use a respirator during the spray process.

  The part is wired to the wire oven rack. You see why here. The clearance in this oven is about 1/8" to the sides. You can't take the chance of the part falling or moving. Be sure to test fit your setup in the oven WHILE IT'S COLD OF COURSE. This will eliminate surprises when you put it into the oven and keep you from scratching off uncured powder.

  Here is the finished two piece assembly. This is a fresh air duct for an import car. It has a nice gloss finish as well as a durable, easy to clean low maintenance finish.

  Here is the part reinstalled as a fresh air duct for a fuel injected import car. From this point I will be powdercoating brackets and accessories to match.

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