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RPO Codes ~ Missing Codes

On the F-Body cars this RPO label is found in the console compartment. This will tell you every option your car is equipped with. In the process of deciphering this info a good place to start is with my......


....this decoder is a new project for me and I believe I am onto one of the most comprehensive, versatile, decoders to ever hit the net. Please have patience as I complete the database (huge). For reference I am about to complete the A's so I have a long way to go.

I believe many people are erroneously listing V73 as a "Fixed; Antenna". This has been listed as such in some databases. By looking at the above actual label you can see V73 listed as well as U75 Power Antenna. I have found two separate additional sources that state:

V73 ~ US/Canada Vehicle Statement

Additionally I have found some of the following hard to find codes:

WS1 ~ S87/W87/X87 Inc. CC1, N33, K34

The S87 designates Trans Ams....X87 is Firebird SE's. My guess is that the dealer could choose a "grouping" of these three features:
CC1 ~ Removable Glass Roof Panels (T-Tops)
N33 ~ Tilt Wheel Adjustable Steering Column
K34 ~ Electronic Speed Control w/resume

By choosing the WS1 option as a package the dealer most likely received a discount. Because on my dealer invoice I also have the RPO: WS1 and they
"deducted" $250.00 MRSP, $212.00 Dealer price from the invoice amount of the car for this WS1. The RPO's CC1, N33, & K34, are listed as separate RPO's as well.

WS8 ~ Priced Order Confirmation

My guess is that when the dealer submits the order they have the option when the factory confirms the order to get back a confirmation listing the prices of the options they have selected and a base price they will pay when it comes in.

YT9 ~ Specified, division installed (Fisher)

Refers to custom door and quarter buildup option code YT1

PON ~ Pontiac, MI assembly plant.

Mainly for Fiero's I believe.

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