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I stumbled on a neat little free minor tail light modification while doing some major surgery on my Trans Am Tail lights recently. I don't know about you but the little raised DOT letters on all the lenses of the car just annoy me. They are good for nothing except collecting wax.

What you will need:

~ 400 wet or dry sandpaper & sanding block
~ Plastic Buff compound from Eastwood Co.
~ A buffing wheel for your drill.
~ A drill

These little raised letters just collect wax and are an eyesore. Next time you have to change bulbs take your sanding block and in about 8 strokes they are gone using you sanding block and sandpaper wet.

With your buffing wheel and plastic compound go back over the minute scratches you have caused. You would not believe the difference in appearance. I was "searching" for plastic to buff after my discovery. You can't even tell the little letters ever existed.

These little side markers will be my next project. Although this is a minor mod in my opinion it just helps clean up the overall appearance and makes you a little different from the next guy. The good thing is it's easy and almost free.


This car's tail lights didn't look this good off the assembly line.

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